On overnight interest

Q1. What is overnight interest? When will three-day overnight interest be generated?

A1. Overnight interest refers to the interest that needs to be paid or obtained when holding a position overnight. The cost interest rate based on the market changes with the market. In addition, because the interest is T+2 system, the interest on Saturday and Sunday will be calculated together with the overnight position on Wednesday night, so if the overnight position is held on Wednesday night, the interest will be calculated for three days.


Q2. Can you avoid paying overnight interest?

A2. If you close your position before the daily closing time, you will not need to pay or receive overnight interest. Overnight interest will only be generated when the position is held until the second trading day.


Q3. How can I check the overnight interest paid or obtained in my account?

A3. If the conditions for settlement of overnight interest are met, the overnight interest will be listed in the daily account details.