The cooling of inflation will help to cut interest rates, and the price of gold will stop and then rise.

At the beginning of last week, the price of gold did not accept the earlier uptrend, and some time ago, the price retreated and swallowed up all the gains brought by the non-agricultural night last we
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Non-agricultural detonation market, gold price will challenge 2400 levels again.

After gold held steady at 2280key level in the first week, buying emerged one after another, and the chart also broke through the downward track of wave after wave, which enhanced the confidence of bu
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Gold fluctuates, with amplitude but without amplitude.

The price of gold once fell below the 2300 mark last week, but it climbed repeatedly after the period. The market is digesting the space for the US to cut interest rates in September, which supported
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The price of gold was weak and stabilized, rising first and then falling all week.

Although the Fed's bitmap shows that the United States has a good chance to cut interest rates only once during the year, the market bet that there is still a chance to cut interest rates twice throug
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Inflation has slowed down, but the Federal Reserve has stood firm.

After the price of gold fell sharply last week, there was no selling pressure to follow last week, and two major changes in the market made investors wait with peace of mind. The successive inflation
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China and the United States suffered a double blow, and gold rose and fell.

Last week, the gold market rose first and then fell, and the focus of the market was on the performance of the labor market in the United States. As the labor market showed signs of weakening in April
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The rebound of gold is weak, and the labor data is sorted out at a low level.

The price of gold fell back after hitting a new high last week, and the market still kept selling pressure. It rebounded at the beginning of last week, but it was restrained above 2360, which failed t
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Gold fell after hitting a new high

Last week, the performance of gold price was not satisfactory. Although it inherited the strength of the previous week on Monday and rose to a record high of 2450.06, it was a pity that the stamina wa
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The price of gold continued its upward trend, and closed above $2,400 for the first time.

Since the weakening of the labor market, investors are increasingly looking forward to the interest rate reduction period approaching. In September, the opportunity to cut interest rates rose to 70%,
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Gold ushered in the biggest increase in five weeks.

The market expects the Fed to cut interest rates. Since the poor non-agricultural performance, the public began to get evidence of the weakening of the US economy, thus strengthening the confidence of
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Gold turned to a low level, and interest rate cuts are expected to support the low rebound of gold prices.

Since 2430, the price of gold has fallen for the second week in a row, and technical resistance has formed above 2400, which hinders the mid-term upward trend of gold price. In addition, the most tens
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Gold rose for five weeks, and retreated to wait for the super week.

Last week was nearly 10 weeks, and the weekly chart closed in the second week. The momentum of the sharp rise at the end of the first quarter was finally cooled by the rising inflation. Since there wa
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After the gold retreated, it climbed again

After the gold retreated, it climbed again, and the tension in the Middle East supported the gold price to rise for five weeks. The price of gold has experienced the longest continuous increase since
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Retreat after the gold price hit a new high.

Retreat after the gold price hit a new high, it retreated and eased the overbought pressure before the weekend. Gold continued to be strong last week. In the past 11 trading days, 10 trading days cont
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Gold hit a new high for six consecutive days.

Gold hit a new high for six consecutive days, with Wall Street calling for $10,000. Last week, the price of gold hit high levels one after another. After the Easter holiday resumed, it continued its h
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Gold prices hit a new high three times in a month, and the bull market soared

Gold prices hit a new high three times in a month, and the bull market soared. Gold ushered in 2024 a complete first quarter performance, in March 4 weeks, 3 weeks brush out a record high, although ea
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Gold prices hit a record high.

Federal Reserve confirms course for rate cut this year. Last week was super interest rate week, and financial markets were on a roll. The global stock market continues to hit a high, and the virtual c
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find high

September 1st Today's range   The core personal consumption expenditures price index for July, the most closely watched by the Federal Reserve, finally showed a rise of 0.2 percent month-on-month, in
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Continue to rise

August 31th. Today's amplitude interval      The second quarter GDP of the United States announced yesterday and the changes in the number of non-agricultural employees in the United States were rele
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Serial move

August 30th. Today's amplitude interval      This week is the American Super Data Week, and a number of important data will be announced soon, including the core consumer price index of the United St
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