Account deposit and withdrawal problem

Q1. What are the deposit methods?

A1. In the email of "Notice of Opening Trading Account" received when you open an account, the attached information is the company's income bank account, and you can deposit it into the corresponding Hong Kong dollar or foreign currency account.


Q2. Is there a minimum deposit limit, and what is the minimum deposit amount in the trading account?

A2. There is no minimum deposit requirement . You can choose to deposit in US dollars or Hong Kong dollars.


Q3. How can I deposit money into my trading account? And how long does it take to deposit into the trading account?

A3. We provide 24-hour online customer service support. You can deposit it into the corresponding Hong Kong dollar or foreign currency account. After deposit, keep the receipt and notify our customer service or relevant agent. After checking it, we will handle the relevant formalities immediately.


Q4. How can I withdraw money from the trading account?

A4. You can apply for withdrawal by email to [email protected]. For details, please refer to the deposit and withdrawal office in official website. After verification, you will be assigned a bank account by cheque or telegraphic transfer immediately.


Q5. How long does it take for the payment to arrive?

A5. The actual arrival time of the withdrawal depends on the processing time of the bank. If urgent withdrawal is required, please apply as far as possible before 2 pm every day.


Q6. Why do I need my bank account for withdrawal?

A6. Because we don't accept third-party transfer, excessive frequency or the number of cash withdrawals and withdrawals within the same day, or any money laundering activities.


Q7. Is there a handling charge for deposit and withdrawal?

A7. We don't charge other handling fees except the bank's own handling fees.