Account login and password issues

Q1. Where can I download the Trading platform?

A1. You can download the Trading platform on the official website of MTF We offer desktop version, download on platform of Android and iOS system. In addition, the website has instruction on the use of platform, so you can follow the steps.


Q2. How can I change my current password?

A2. After logging in to the Trading platform, you can select "Change Password" in the upper right corner of the "Account" page. You can choose to change the master password or read-only password, and just change it according to the instructions. For details, please refer to "Platform Download and Teaching" of MTF.


Q3. If you forget your password, how can you set a new password?

A3. You can contact the relevant broker or customer service, or email to [email protected] to apply for password change.


Q4. Can the same person apply for an additional trading account?

A4. If you want to apply for an additional trading account, please contact the relevant customer service or agent, or apply directly at our "Open an account immediately" office in official website, with the remark "Apply for an additional trading account".