0.15 spread

The difference between buying and selling is the only cost of trading on the same day. Lower difference means lower transaction cost. The fixed spread of Mingde Financial Gold is only $0.15! Silver is only $0.015! You don't need to be a VIP, and every user can enjoy a fixed price difference reduced to 15 yuan.

Offer the sample

currency sell buy
XAU/USD 1901.15 1901.30
XAG/USD 23.563 23.578


Our Advantage

compare Mingtak Finance Other trading platforms
Contract unit 100 ounces 100 ounces
Fixed point difference 0.15 (all customers) 0.5 or limited offer, not permanent
Minimum number of trading hands 0.01 hand (1 oz) 0.1 hand (10 ounces)
cash deposit Fixed $1,000/hand Floating, about 2%
Overmarket margin Fixed $1,000/hand additional margin
the forced liquidation 10% >50%
Pending single prescription GTD valid until cancellation of GTC/expiration Valid for the same day/week.
Security of funds Customer funds are independent of operating funds. Not necessarily safe.
Company background Local companies, annual audit of tax returns If it is an overseas company, it may not be audited
Gold entry and exit speed Up to 5 minutes, 24-hour customer service No professional local 24-hour customer service, slow deposit and withdrawal.


*Offers are subject to terms and conditions

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